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It's National Cupcake Week! Go on, have some cupcakes on us...

The Chocolate Spoon His 'n' Hers Personalised Gingerbread

It's National Cupcake Week - a week-long celebration of all things cupcake! Here at The Chocolate Spoon we think cupcakes deserve more than just a week of admiration but we're celebrating this week in style!

We've been baking more cupcakes this week than ever before and have been experimenting with new exciting flavours ready to tickle your taste buds.

We're always open to suggestions and love experimenting with new flavours and ideas. So, if there's anything you think is missing from our range of cupcakes, please let us know and we'll create it for you. Go on, treat yourself!

Head on over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as there may be other special offers available this week (hint: free cupcakes!).

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