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It's National Vegetarian Week!

We're excited to be taking part in this year's National Vegetarian Week. For those of you new to the dedicated week, National Vegetarian Week 2017 runs from 15-21 May, and it’s all about eating veggie for the week and enjoying delicious, exciting food. This years theme is Get Stuck In! - so whether you're cooking up a veggie feast in the kitchen, or treating yourself to some tasty goodies, try something veggie this week!

Whilst a cake or a cookie may seem naturally a vegetarian product, you'd be surprised how many contain animal products like gelatin or use colours derived from animal origins. We like to keep things natural here so we avoid all of those things!

Many of our customers are vegetarian or vegan (many are not!

). We like to be inclusive, so all of our bakes are 100% suitable for vegetarians and do not contain any animal products. We also know that there are many different types of vegetarians according to the Vegetarian Society:

  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat both dairy products and eggs; this is the most common type of vegetarian diet.

  • Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy products but avoid eggs (sometimes known as pure vegetarian).

  • Ovo-vegetarian. Eats eggs but not dairy products.

  • Vegans do not eat dairy products, eggs, or any other products which are derived from animals.

We always use free-range or organic eggs in all of our bakes that contain egg. For all you pure vegetarians, we do a wide range of delicious cakes and bakes from our Made Without Egg range, and our Made Without Dairy is suitable for both our ovo-vegetarian and vegan customers.

What's more, to celebrate National Vegetarian Week, we at The Chocolate Spoon are feeling generous! We're giving you 10% off all cupcakes for the entire week. Simply quote "LETSGOVEG17" when placing your order or enter it at checkout.

We hope you enjoy this week and try some new recipes or foods. Check out the official website for some tasty recipes from the fabulous Hairy Bikers, and let us know how you get on this week - we'd love to see a pic or hear your thoughts :)

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